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Hall Media is Charles Hall, Creative Director and Developer in association with a dedicated network of professionals.

Hall Media works holistically with clients to provide solutions that meet development, media, strategy, and business needs. We can work with almost any deadline and budget, as freelance, outsource, vendor, or partner.

We design and deliver content in an elegant future-proof manner that allows the user to be engaged with and experience it regardless of location, devices, or screen size. We can also accommodate accessibility requirements and multiple languages.

We are passionate about moving the web forward by delivering clean, semantic, standards-compliant code. We follow and support standards organizations and the great minds and practices of the development community.


To connect the dots between technology, convergent media, pervasive computing, and the digital lifestyle by creating intelligent scalable solutions for the continuing evolution of business and consumer needs.

Magic Bullets and Rocket Surgery

The worlds of advertising and marketing and internet collided when the dot com was born. What followed was a neverending onslaught of buzz-words and phrases. While some have been one-hit-wonders, others have become so overused that almost no one knows the meaning or origin. The point is, that you don't need to understand Social Discovery, The Cloud, or Responsive Web Design to grow your business.

Hall Media is here to help you connect the dots. We can offer any or all of the strategies, design, content, development, analytics and more that get and keep you connected with your customers and even with your communities, partners, vendors, and competitors. Wouldn't you like to focus on your business, do what you do best, and safely ignore Big Data and Viral Lift?

Mobile Matters

If your business does not have a Mobile strategy, you may be missing a lot of opportunity.

Mobile internet traffic has surpassed Desktop in India, China, and depending on which resource you follow, with the 2012 holiday shopping season, it has in the U.S. as well. Additionally, 25% of adults and 54% of teens ONLY view the internet on a mobile phone or tablet. Another 33% who attempt to view a site that fails to display formatted for a mobile device, will leave and never return.

A great and recent article by Will Hacker on trends in meeting this challenge here.

We can help your business reach the mobile audience! talk to us

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