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Pre-K Early Childhood Lead Teacher Mary Milkovie more »

Mary Milkovie

Mary Milkovie currently teaches Pre-Kindergarten, Moon class, at the Detroit Waldorf School.

Mrs. Milkovie has been at Detroit Waldorf since 1986, working first as an assistant and then as a teacher in the Kindergarten. Previously she assisted and taught at the Kinderhouse in Southfield, Michigan. Her additional teaching experience includes work as both a substitute teacher and a full-time teacher in grades two and three. Altogether, she has 31 years of teaching experience.

She has a bachelor’s degree in Social Studies, and has a professional teaching certificate through the State of Michigan. Additional education includes studies at the Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner Institutes.

Her interests and hobbies include gardening, music, travel, crafts, and any outdoor activities including hiking and swimming. She especially enjoys spending family time with her children and grandchildren.


Pre-K Early Childhood Lead Teacher and Parent-Child Teacher Maggie Crawford more »

Maggie Crawford

Maggie Crawford is the lead teacher of the Honeybees Class (Pre-K) in the Early Childhood Center. She is also the Parent-Child Teacher at DWS. She has been working with families for over a decade as a childbirth educator, doula and Early Childhood parent mentor.

Maggie has more recently worked at The Brooklyn Waldorf School in NYC for four years in the Early Childhood and Admissions departments. She has her Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Certification from the Sunbridge Institute.

Maggie also enjoys playing drums, writing and being a mother of three DWS students.


K Early Childhood Lead Teacher Helena Mitchell more »

Helena Mitchell

Helena Mitchell is the Rainbow (Kindergarten teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School.

Ms. Mitchell is a DWS alumna and a graduate of Washington Waldorf High School. She received her undergraduate degree from Smith College and went on to obtain a Master in Education from Cabrini College.

Ms. Mitchell has extensive experience working with children and, most recently was the teacher and owner of Desert Star Nursery School in Santa Fe, NM.

She is currently completing the Waldorf Teacher Training Program and enjoys being a mother of two DWS students.


Early Childhood Assistant Mary Crydermanmore »

Mary Cryderman

Mary Cryderman currently assists the Honeybee (Pre-K) class at the Detroit Waldorf School.

Ms. Cryderman has been an early childhood assistant for four years at DWS and most recently completed her certificate in Waldorf Early Childhood education from the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Toronto.



Early Childhood Assistant Christine Hartwig more »

Christine Hartwig

Christine Hartwig currently assists in the Moon (Pre-K) class at the Detroit Waldorf School.

Ms. Hartwig worked as an environmental planner/planning analyst at SEMCOG and for 12 years as a volunteer on the Royal Oak School Board.

She has her B.S. in Environmental Studies from Oakland University.

Her interests include gardening, serving on the board of directors for EMEAC (East MI Environmental Action Council) and the Royal Oak Environmental Advisory Board and she is currently a member of the Royal Oak Kiwanis Club.


Early Childhood Assistant Paul Trombley




First Grade Teacher Diane Reedmore »

Diane Reed

Diane Reed is the first grade class teacher at DWS.

She has been a class teacher at Detroit Waldorf School since 2005. She also worked for three years as a Kindergarten assistant at the Rudolf Steiner School in Ann Arbor and for one year as an assistant at a Waldorf home-based preschool. Previous to her Waldorf experience, she worked at the Ecology Center of Ann Arbor as the newsletter editor and in recycling education. She also coordinated education for school children about waste reduction and recycling.

Diane has her B.A. in Communication from the University of Michigan and her Waldorf teacher certification (Early Childhood and Elementary).

Her interests include gardening and hiking.


Second Grade Teacher Kate Sandler more »

Kate Sandler

Kate Sandler is currently the second grade class teacher at DWS.

Ms. Sandler completed her B.A. in Journalism and Environmental Studies at Columbia College in Chicago. In 2010, she returned to Michigan and started the teacher training at the Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan.

Ms. Sandler has worked with children in various roles over the last ten years. Her teaching experiences have included leading innovative enrichment programs in the most challenged classrooms of the Chicago Public Schools and orchestrating outdoor education at a sustainable lifestyle summer camp.

Most recently, Ms. Sandler has been stewarding the afternoon Kindergarten program at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor, as well as assisting in the lower school aftercare.


Third Grade Teacher Sarah Addae more »

Sarah Addae

Sarah Addae is currently the third grade class teacher at DWS.

She first discovered Waldorf education at a public Waldorf based school in Detroit, a DPS school of choice.  When it closed after four years, she came to DWS, first as the woodwork teacher and then as a class teacher. She took her first class through third grade, then stopped for six years of parenting time. She returned as the Art teacher and then became a class teacher again in 2006.

Sarah has her B.A. in History from Brown University, her teaching certification from the University of Michigan, and completed her Waldorf certification.

Her interests and hobbies include gardening, beekeeping and poetry.


Fourth Grade Teacher Arlene Cornier more »

Arlene Cornier

Arlene Cornier is the fourth grade class teacher at DWS.

Arlene first came to the Detroit Waldorf School in 2001 as a parent. Initially, she was drawn to the rich curriculum but later became inspired by Waldorf education as a global movement for social renewal.

While completing her Waldorf teacher training at the Waldorf Institute of Southeastern Michigan, she worked at DWS as Aftercare Coordinator, Substitute Coordinator and Substitute Teacher. She successfully completed her Waldorf teacher certification in 2010 and the same year began her journey with her first grade class.

Arlene has also worked with pre-adjudicated youth at the Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility. She attended Wayne State University and graduated Cum Laude with a B.A. in Sociology.


Fifth-Sixth Grade Teacher Beatrice Voigt more »

Beatrice Voigt

Beatrice Voigt is the fifth-sixth grade teacher at Detroit Waldorf.

Beatrice, a native of Germany, has been the school's German teacher for the past 10 years. Beatrice is also an experienced producer of plays. She coaches students as well as teachers for speech improvement and conducted speech sessions through the grades. Before coming to the U.S., Beatrice held the position of speech-artist/drama coach for seven years at the Rudolf Steiner School Bochum Germany, one of the largest and most experienced schools in the world wide Waldorf movement.

She attended the foundation year in Anthroposophic studies in Engen, Germany and graduated from the five year program of the School of Speech and Drama at the Goetheanum in Switzerland. Beatrice came to the U.S. in 1993 to study the acting method of Michael Chekhov. Further studies in Waldorf Education at Sunbridge College in N.Y. followed in preparation for teaching German as a second language.

She is an active member of the Anthroposophical Society and in the Waldorf Movement.


Seventh-Eighth Grade Teacher Dianna Guldi more »

Dianna Guldi

Dianna Guldi is the seventh-eighth grade class teacher at DWS.

She has been a class teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School since 2005. She has taught grades 1-4 and combined classes of 3/4, 4/5, 5/6 and 6/7. Dianna has been working with children since she was 15 years old when she began working at her mother's home daycare. During her years at Oakland University, she had teaching experiences in many different classes and public schools including a year as a student teacher in a 3rd-4th grade combined classroom. Her experience with those beloved children drove her to become a teacher. In the midst of Waldorf training, Dianna also worked at the Rudolf Steiner School of Ann Arbor for several years as an Aftercare assistant and summer program teacher.

She attended Oakland University where she received her Bachelors in Education. It wasn't until Dianna's last semester that she read an article about Waldorf education, which she found intriguing. She immediately went to visit a school and knew she had found her home in education. Dianna has completed her Waldorf Certification.


German Teacher and Aftercare Lead Teacher Erica Brehmer more »

Erica Brehmer

Erica Brehmer joined the Detroit Waldorf School in 2012 as the German Teacher. Her educational background includes a Certification for Teaching K--12 in German and Spanish from Oakland University, a Master of Public Administration in International Management from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and German Languages from the University of Michigan.

She has studied both in Germany and Spain. While in Germany, Ms. Brehmer studied at the Carl Duisburg Centrum language center and worked at the Amerika Haus - a German/American cultural exchange center.

When not travelling or at school, Ms. Brehmer volunteers her time at the Detroit Zoo as a docent. She also enjoys quilting and plays the celtic harp.


Spanish Teacher Lilia Rivera more »

Lilia Rivera

Lilia Rivera is currently the Spanish teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School.

She has been at Detroit Waldorf since 2007. She worked for seven years at the ESL program for the Rochester Community School and currently she is also working for the Hispanic Outreach in Pontiac where she is the coordinator of the Hispanic School and the Adult Education Program.

Señora Rivera, a native of Mexico, studied at the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico City. Before coming to the U.S., she was a part of the faculty of the National University of Mexico for more than 11 years.

Her interests and hobbies include spending time with her husband and two children, sewing, baking, dancing and reading.


Eurythmy Teacher and Educational Chair Susann Herb-Eddy more »

Susann Herb-Eddy

Susann Herb-Eddy has been teaching Eurythmy to children and adults in the greater Detroit area since 1986. Her work also includes therapeutic Eurythmy. Previously, she worked as an eighth grade teacher at Karl Schubert Schule in Vienna, as a group leader of autistic children in Switzerland, and as a Kindergarten assistant in Toronto, Ontario. She also has experience as an early childhood teacher and has had various experiences in psychiatric hospitals near Toronto, Ontario.

Susann completed her four year artistic Eurythmy training in Dornach, Switzerland and then went on to complete her therapeutic Eurythmy training in the United States. She received her B.A. from Mercy College and her diploma in Waldorf Education and Special Education from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College.

Her interests and hobbies include hiking, traveling, languages, reading, music, plays, knitting, studying, and alternative medicine.

She is a mother of two college-aged children who are DWS alumni.


Pianist Clara Belt




Lyrist Nancy Carpenter




Handwork Teacher Grades 1-7 Julia Baryo more »

Julia Baryo

Julia Baryo is currently the Handwork Teacher for Grades 1-5

She has been a member of our school community for 13 years, as a Class Teacher, Substitute, Kindergarten Assistant and Volunteer.

She completed her Waldorf Certification in 2001 and Studied Fine Art at Wayne State University with a concentration in printmaking and painting.

In her free time Julia enjoys travel, baking, and creating handmade wares to sell at craft and artisan fares.


Handwork Teacher,

Grade 8

Carroll Lalinsky more »

Carroll Lalinsky

Carroll Lalinsky is currently the handwork teacher.

She has taught handwork at Detroit Waldorf School for 18 years, with one year teaching in the kindergarten.

She has two years of study at Wayne State University.

Her interests and hobbies include knitting, crocheting, jewelry making, basket making, sewing, cooking and canning.


Physical Education Teacher Mark Honey more »

Mark Honey

Mark honey teaches PE and serves as the athletic director and coach of the boy’s and girl’s sports teams, as well as the director of the after school circus arts program.

He has taught at the Detroit Waldorf School for over 25 years, worked at Friends School for 10 years and also taught aikido for 20 years.

His education includes a Bachelor's degree from the University of Detroit, Teacher Certification from Wayne State, Waldorf Teacher Certification from Spatial Studies Institute and teacher certification from the Aikido Association of North America. Mark is also a registered yoga instructor.

Mark practices yoga daily and teaches yoga classes several times a week, is a third degree aikido blackbelt, and his hobbies include golf, fitness, all sports, movies and theatre.


Music Teacher Venus Rembert-Karchin more »

Venus Rembert-Karchin

Ms. Rembert-Karchin has been teaching music at the Detroit Waldorf School since 1997. She has been teaching music both privately and publicly for forty seven years. She was raised in a musical family and as a result began studying music at age 3.

After receiving the National Orchestration Award in high school, she was offered several scholarships for college. She graduated from Valparaiso University in Indiana with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Ms. Rembert-Karchin went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Ohio Wesleyan University and did graduate work at Eastern Michigan University in special education and studied Musicology at Wayne State University.

She enjoys conducting several youth choirs and string groups. She has also helped other teachers in the area start private programs as well as conducting the string orchestra at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp.


Classroom and Handwork Assistant Simone Shurney more »

Simone Shurney

Simone Shurney is a new member of the staff at the Detroit Waldorf School. She was a student at the school for 7 years and graduated in 2003. Currently, Simone works as an assistant for a number of teachers across several grade levels and subject areas.

Simone graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011 with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and a minor in Spanish Literature. She then moved from her home in Detroit to Philadelphia where she earned an M.S. Ed. in Educational Policy from the University of Pennsylvania.

Simone's long-term career goal is to help students cultivate their academic talents in a way that encourages them to build more meaningful connections with their work and better identify with the subjects they are expected to master. This fall, she joined the Waldorf Teacher Training program and hopes to one day work as a class teacher.


Resource Director Candyce Sweda more »

Candyce Sweda

Candyce Sweda is the Resource Program Director, and a Resource Teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School.

She has over 18 years of education experience, having served as a resource teacher and administrator at Detroit Waldorf, and having co-founded the Detroit Community School (a charter school in Detroit). Previously she worked for 15 years for the City of Detroit Planning Department as a city planner, and for 9 years as Vice President of Stroh Properties, Inc.

She has a B.A. from Michigan State University, an M.S. in City Planning from Wayne State University, an M.Ed. (Curriculum and Instruction) from U of D Mercy and has her Waldorf teacher and Waldorf extra lesson certification.

Ms. Sweda is an avid beekeeper and gardener.


Resource Teacher Mary Jo Oresti more »

Mary Jo Oresti

Mary Jo is a Resource Teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School.

She has a Waldorf Certificate from the Waldorf Institute of Mercy College. She continued her studies and received a master degree from Marygrove College in Learning Differences. She also directs a Waldorf program for teachers.

Mary Jo enjoys cooking, traveling and gardening.


Substiution Coordinator, Graders Skills Teacher Charmaine Paulson




Classroom Support Richard Wieckowski




Administrator Linda Brooks




Business Manager Peggy Halloran




Enrollment and Outreach Director Charis Calender-Suemnick more »

Charis Calender-Suemnick

Ms. Calender is the Enrollment & Outreach Director at the Detroit Waldorf School. After living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for just under a decade, she returned to her home state in Michigan and discovered the Waldorf training program in Ann Arbor. After a year in the program, she was led to Detroit and accepted the position at DWS!

Apart from traveling to over 17 countries in the world, Ms. Calender is a trained ballroom dance teacher and taught private piano lessons in Milwaukee for several years. She also worked as a free-lance accountant for small businesses and as an in-home therapist for autistic children. She enjoys yoga, hiking, spending time with family and friends, pottery and music.


Administrative Assistant and Program Coordinator Isabelle Lauerman more »

Isabelle Lauerman

An alumna of Detroit Waldorf, Isabelle Lauerman has returned to the woodchips and pastel walls of Waldorf to do something in the office. Now studying at Wayne State University, Miss Isabelle has accomplished much since her days on the other side of the desk in which she now sits: she is an award-winning artist, played rugby in high school, cares for a mischievous little pup named Millie, and engages in many other hobbies.


Building and Grounds John Zettner more »

John Zettner

John Zettner is the Building and Grounds Manager.

Prior to taking this position in 1995, he worked as a printer, tree planter and oil field worker. He holds a High Pressure Boiler Operators License.

Mr. Zettner attended Oakland University at Rochester, Michigan and University of Montana at Missoula, Montana.

His interests include gardening, cooking, reading, woodworking and contemporary politics.



Dianna Guldi – Seventh-Eighth Grade Teacher

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