The Process

Admissions and Acceptance:

Before a tuition adjustment is determined, each child must be accepted to the school through the admissions process: The family completes an application for admission, along with a $50 non-refundable application fee. An admissions interview is scheduled with the parents to learn more about the child and to discuss the values and philosophy underlying Waldorf Education. A teacher observes/assesses the child to ascertain grade readiness and to assure compatibility between the school’s philosophy, the parents’ expectations and the child’s needs. For any child who is accepted, the family completes the enrollment paperwork, and a sustainable tuition conversation is scheduled, if needed. A $350 deposit, applied towards tuition, is required at this point. For those requesting an adjustment, the deposit is returned if an agreement is not made during the Tuition Adjustment Meeting.

Sustainable Tuition Conversations

All families will participate in a sustainable tuition conversation.

• Families who commit to pay the tuition without adjustment will participate in a Strategic Alignment Meeting (SAM). They will have the opportunity to meet with school representatives to discuss our school’s strategic and financial goals for the school year. It is not expected that families make any financial disclosures. These meetings are collaborative and fundamental in keeping our school community engaged in our shared mission.

• Any family who wishes an adjustment in tuition will request a Tuition Adjustment Meeting (TAM). This extended meeting will reconcile the strategic and financial goals of the school with the financial resources of the family. The family should be prepared to disclose financial information including filed tax forms, W-2’s and other financial documents with two school representatives. The meeting facilitates an earnest exchange, seeking a true financial commitment on the part of the family. Upon consensus, the family signs the adjusted tuition contract. If the adjustment and scholarship award(s) exceed the published tuition rate, the adjustment will be reduced so the total does not exceed the published rate.

The Board Policy

The Board of the Detroit Waldorf School (DWS) is committed to making Waldorf education as available and financially accessible as possible to all admitted students. DWS recognizes both the financial challenges many families face, and the desire many families have to send their children to a Waldorf school. To make it financially possible for families who desire a Waldorf education for their children, DWS makes every effort possible to offer a confidential, straightforward and accommodating tuition adjustment process. To support those families who need it, DWS offers adjustments based upon economic need.

Currently our resources include income from two endowment funds in addition to three yearly fundraising events, of which a portion goes towards adjustments. We rely on both our school and local communities, including outreach to corporations, to help us reach our fundraising goals.

Through these efforts we are able to provide adjustments, depending upon each family’s financial circumstances. We also provide a reduction of 15% on the published tuition rate for each additional child.

Again, our goal is to provide a confidential, straightforward and accommodating tuition adjustment process with the intent that finances do not prevent a child from attending DWS.


The Detroit Waldorf School is committed to having a Sustainable Tuition process that is transparent to all families in the school while still respecting individual privacy. This means that the process is documented, well-known and understood, and consistent among all families.


Any financial disclosures and conversations are held in the strictest confidence. Only the family, the school representatives from the Tuition Adjustment Meeting and the Sustainable Tuition Committee (Business Manager, Administrator, Outreach Director) will know the final adjusted tuition amount.

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